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201 Grade Octopus Hanger

3 uses for your stainless steel octopus hanger
The stainless steel octopus hanger is a convenient and versatile laundry tool - here are our top 3 uses for your octopus hanger.
Once you've discovered a stainless steel octopus hanger, it quickly becomes an essential part of your laundry toolkit, and you'll wonder how you ever hung laundry without it.
Not only do they basically last forever, but stainless steel octopus hangers are extremely versatile.
What are the benefits of an octopus hanger?
Everyone needs to dry their laundry, the main options are to use a tumble dryer, line dry outside, or line dry inside (on a clothes horse for example). 
Using a tumble dryer isn't energy efficient or environmentally friendly, and whilst it's sometimes the only option when the weather is cold and wet, we prefer to line dry wherever possible.
Hanging laundry outside is a great way to take advantage of the free and eco-friendly way of drying laundry. 
It can however feel demoralising when unexpected rain sweeps in and you're faced with needing to quickly relocate your half-dried laundry from outside.
Or you have visitors dropping by and prefer to tuck the laundry away somewhere out of site.
This is why the octopus hanger is so convenient, move 24 items from outside to inside in a heartbeat by relocating 1 simple hook.
It's a win-win for both the environment and for convenience. 
Why Stainless steel?
Plastic octopus hangers are, well, plastic. They are flimsy, notorious for breaking easily, and once broken and sent to landfill, are estimated to take up to 500 years to decompose.
Marine grade stainless steel octopus hangers are built to pretty much last forever. Made of premium stainless steel, they won't rust, are extremely difficult to break, and unless you lose it, can be passed on to the next generation rather than contributing to landfill.
Top 3 uses for your stainless steel octopus hanger:
  • Modern cloth nappies 
These are becoming increasingly popular in recent years as many parents shun single-use disposable nappies in favour of a more eco-friendly alternative. Modern cloth nappies are usually made up of a water-resistant cover and 2 absorbent inserts, Multiply these 3 components by up to 10 nappy changes per day and you have a fair amount of washing to hang out each week. That's why the octopus hanger has become an essential cloth nappy accessory to save busy parents time and space on their washing line.
The team at NappyLuxe love using their Octopus Hanger to snap multiple inserts together to further save space on the washing line. Take a look at their easy-to-use cloth nappies
  • Socks and underwear
Hanging out socks and underwear is no one's favourite job - these small and fiddly items take time to peg, especially for large families. Furthermore, living in close proximity to your neighbours doesn't have to mean displaying your undies on the line for all to lay eyes on. Thanks to the octopus hanger, discreetly hanging up your favourite underwear in a compact spot around your home has never been easier. The octopus hanger may be compact but it still allows good air flow between items for them to dry quickly.
  • Rags and cleaning cloths
Following those days where you've powered through cleaning the house, the deck, the car, and more - you're often left with... More cleaning of the rags and cloths used in the process. The good news is, the octopus hanger enables you to quickly peg up to 24 items and hang on 1 simple hook wherever is most convenient in your home.
Those are our top 3 uses for the octopus hanger, but the list really does go on. Shop stainless steel octopus hangers now

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