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5 Laundry hacks you need in your life right now

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There is no such thing as a good laundry day, except if you have an empty laundry basket, but let's be honest, does that ever happen? Hmm, let me think, um, nope.


If you dislike laundry as much as I do, then I've found some hacks to make your life a little easier. 


1. Put your load in at night time and set the timer to finish when you wake up.

This has saved me so much time, power and water. I found if I had a busy day or needed to leave the house early morning, I'd often have to wait for the laundry or leave before it was done and then rinse and spin later in the day. However, this way it's done when you wake up and ready to hang up straight away. And sometimes I can even fit a second load in before leaving the house.


2. Use hangers for shirts to save on the ironing

Have you ever tried this? If you hang your shirts on hangers, shaking them out properly and straightening the collars, you could get away without ironing them. It depends on the material of course, but it can potentially save lots of time. 


3. Vinegar to soften your clothes

Okay so vinegar is not a favourite in our household, but, if you add some essential oils of your choice and vinegar to the fabric softener compartment of your washing machine, you'll save yourself and your clothes from the harsh chemicals and fragrances that come with most fabric softeners. 


4. Fresh linen smells

Another tip to ditch the fabric softener, is to use a linen spray while your clothes are hanging on the line. Spray with a mixture of your favourite essential oil and some distilled or cooled down boiled water and your clothes will smell fresh as daisies. 


5. Sort your laundry on the washing line

If you have a large family, sort your laundry as you hang it up or take it down from the line. This way the laundry piles can go straight to each persons room and you could even ask the kids to pack their own laundry away ;-)



Have you got any other clever laundry hacks? Share them below of send us an email or DM on social media. 

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